5 Things for Kansas Homeowners to Consider when Switching to Solar Energy

5 Things for Kansas Homeowners to Consider when Switching to Solar Energy

Installing a solar array in your home is a big step, one toward renewable energy and more independence from your local electrical grid. But before installing any panels on the roof, it’s helpful to consider a few things to make sure the process goes smoothly.

Zenernet is one of the leading solar companies helping hundreds of homeowners invest in Kansas solar power. Below, we’ve collected some information to make your decision easier.

1. How Efficient is Your Current Household?

Solar energy is a great way to capitalize on utility costs and cut back on monthly energy bills. However, before installing a solar array it’s prudent to make certain you’ve done everything you can within the home to improve efficiencies. This includes investing in energy-saving appliances and window fixtures. These type of things might seem small, but they can result in big savings once your solar array is installed.

2. Is Your Roof Safe for Installation?

Many homeowners often choose to install their new solar power system on their roof, but not every roof is equipped to handle a solar array. Having a roof inspection before getting solar professionals to assess your property is recommended. Once you’ve certified your roof can handle the weight, solar professionals will then ensure your home is located in an area that gets enough sunlight to justify going solar.

3. How Do You Connect to the Local Energy Grid?

Each area can be different, so enlisting the help of a local solar company like Zenernet is the best way to connect your solar power system to the electrical grid. Different locales may have fees for homeowners. You’ll also likely have questions about being credited for any electricity you generate that’s placed back into the grid, a process called net metering. A reliable solar professional can explain all of these variables that are unique to your home.

4. What Warranties are Available?

Investing in Kansas solar power might seem expensive at first. Thankfully that initial installation cost can be offset in only a few years due to the savings generated by your solar power system. However, you still need to protect that investment in case something goes wrong. When shopping for solar energy systems, consider warranties and other guarantees very carefully to be sure that if there is an issue, components will be repaired or replaced at no cost to you.

5. What About Rebates & Tax Incentives?

Many states in the U.S., Kansas included, offer tax credits and solar incentives for energy-efficient households. This is another way you can offset the initial installation costs. In some cases, the U.S. Department of Energy offers up to 30 percent in savings via rebates and credits, so be sure to incorporate these incentives into your overall budget.

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