California Solar Panel Warranties from Zenernet

California Solar Panel Warranties from Zenernet

At Zenernet, we are committed to providing your family with clean power and energy savings. We simplify going solar for homeowners in California by providing them with industry-leading hardware and workmanship.

25 Year Warranties from Zenernet

Although it can drastically reduce utility bills and provide you with a reliable source of renewable energy, installing solar panels in your California home still requires an initial investment. Choosing a solar panel system that covers any manufacturer defects or installation mishaps is key to protecting that investment, so the team at Zenernet offers guarantees for all of the systems we install.

At Zenernet, it’s our goal to make residential solar energy efficient and affordable, so we’ve collected some information about the California solar panel warranties we offer to give you a better understanding of how our team helps you protect your investment.  

Our Mechanical Guarantee

An efficient solar panel system needs to be installed properly and inspected regularly to ensure it’s operating within the manufacturer’s exact specifications. This means that if it’s malfunctioning or not operating at peak performance levels due to a mechanical issue, the onus is on us. Zenernet guarantees that during your warranty period, your new solar system will operate perfectly.

Limited System Warranties

During the entire period of your warranty, under normal use and service conditions, your system will be free from material defects in workmanship and breakdown of materials or components. If any components are found to be defective during your warranty period, Zenernet will repair or replace them at no cost. We take pride in offering the best installation services available, and Zenernet will also repair or pay for any damage incurred on your property due to installation or labor.

It’s important to note that we may use new or reconditioned parts when performing replacements. Your warranty period isn’t extended if we’re forced to repair or replace a part. However, in some cases we may upgrade your system at no cost to ensure it is performing according to our mechanical guarantee. Zenernet also offers a roof warranty that lasts for the (a) 25 years following the completion of the solar panel system installation or (b) the remainder of any then-existing installation warranty on your roof.

Our Manufacturer’s Warranties

Zenernet is committed to installing the highest-quality systems on the market and to these ends, every component of your new California solar panel system is covered by a manufacturer warranty. We’ll provide assistance and help you resolve any issues with the panels, mounting and racking hardware installed upon your roof.

Make a sound investment with a California solar panel system!

Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint or simply become more reliant on renewable energy, Zenernet can outfit your home with the ideal solar panel setup for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about the installation process or visit our website for a closer look at our solar solutions.

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