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Industry-leading guarantees.

25 Year Solar Panel Warranty by Zenernet
25 Year Inverter Warranty by Zenernet
25 Year Roof Warranty by Zenernet
25 Year Solar Performance Warranty by Zenernet

1. Mechanical Guarantee

Zenernet guarantees that during the Warranty Period (defined below) the System will operate within manufacturers’ specifications, and if it does not that Zenernet will repair or replace any defective part and restore System performance to within the relevant specification.

2. Limited Warranties

a. Limited Warranties : Zenernet warrants the System as follows:
i. System Warranty. Unless otherwise stated herein, during the entire Warranty Period, under normal use and service conditions, the System will be free from material defects in workmanship or material defects in, or a breakdown of, materials or components (“System Warranty”). To the extent there are defects in the workmanship or defects in any part, material or component of your System during the Warranty Period, Zenernet will honor the System Warranty and agree to re-perform such work or repair or replace such equipment, at no cost or expense to you (including all labor costs) to correct such defective workmanship or equipment, when you submit a valid claim to us under this System Warranty. If Zenernet damages your Property or your belongings, Zenernet will repair the damage or pay you for the damage that we caused in accordance with the provisions of Section 8 below. You agree to give us timely written notice of all warranty claims. Zenernet may use new or reconditioned parts when making repairs or replacements. The Warranty Period is not extended if we repair or replace a warranted product or any parts. Zenernet may also, at no additional cost to you, upgrade or add to any part of the System to ensure that it performs according to the guarantees set forth in this Mechanical Guarantee.

ii. Manufacturers Warranties. The solar panels, mounting and racking hardware, and inverters installed as part of the Solar System are covered by separate manufacturers’ warranties. Zenernet will assign to you any Manufacturer Warranties in effect upon installation. Zenernet will also provide you the service and help you need to resolve any issues with the manufacturers of your product.

3. Roof Warranty

If we penetrate your roof during System installation, we will warrant roof damage that we cause due to such roof penetrations. This roof warranty will last for the longer of (a) twenty (20) years following the completion of the System installation or (b) the remainder of any then-existing installation warranty on your roof (the “Roof Warranty Period”).


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