Selecting the Best Solar Power System in Phoenix

Selecting the Best Solar Power System in Phoenix

With renewable energy becoming more affordable each year, many homeowners are investing in Phoenix solar energy services to make their households more efficient. If your family is considering going solar, you likely have a few questions about locating the best solar installation service around. Zenernet has provided some expert advice for you.

As one of the best solar companies in Phoenix, Zenernet has helped many homeowners find the ideal solar solutions for their household. Read on to learn how to determine the best system for you.

Nameplate Rating

Solar panel systems are designed to collect energy from sunlight, converting it into DC (direct current) electricity that’s then run through a mechanism converting it to the alternating current (AC) electricity used by most homes. The nameplate rating measures the amount of output in DC electricity a solar panel has, often somewhere between 200-400 watts. This is the amount of power produced under optimal conditions. The reality is that roof size, location, climate, and a host of other variables also play a factor in the power each panel produces.  

Efficiency Ranking

Every home has different energy requirements and being aware of yours will help you choose the most efficient panels. Every solar panel array comes with an efficiency rating measuring how well it converts sunlight into electricity. This rating refers to the kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy produced by each watt on your panel’s nameplate rating. Most panels have an efficiency rating ranging from 14-20 percent.  

Panel Types & Prices

There are several solar panel types on the market that vary as to performance and cost. The most affordable low-end panels are a good option for those installing a new system on a budget. Just keep in might that cheaper panels can sometimes be less efficient and affect your return on investment (ROI). Midrange panels are the type of panels installed on the roof of the average home and most are considered both reliable and durable, with an efficiency rating of 15 percent or above. High-end panels offer the most sophisticated technology and often last for decades. They can also operate in higher temperatures and boast efficiency ratings of 20 percent and upwards.

Zenernet is your Phoenix solar energy star!

Have you been inspired to switch to solar? Check out some of the industry-leading brands of solar components we use. The team at Zenernet can go over all the specifics with you, from warranties to rebates to financing, so call us today.

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