Solar System Professionals Explain Net Metering & How it Works

Solar System Professionals Explain Net Metering & How it Works

For those who have recently invested in a solar power system or want to learn more about how they work, Zenernet has collected some information about solar net metering. The net metering process can set up solar households for extra energy discounts, so learning how you can take advantage of it is beneficial.

If you want to capitalize on all the solar discounts available to you, then understanding solar net metering is a must! Read on.

What is Solar Net Metering?

Solar net metering is a process by which residential and commercial solar power users can apply for credits on their monthly utility costs by feeding the excess solar energy they’ve collected back into their local power grid. Many rooftop residential solar systems will generate more energy than they can use each month, so these utility credits add up.   

How Does Solar Net Metering Work?

Solar households that are net metering will notice their power meter running backward on occasion. This is because your meter is collecting credits your solar system can use from the grid at a later date, like during evenings or cloudier days with reduced access to sunlight. You’re then billed for your “net” energy use.

What Are the Benefits of Metering?

One of the foremost benefits of solar net metering is that you can save hundreds on annual utility bills. This also provides a faster return on your initial installation investment. You’ll also be benefitting your local power grid by reducing strain upon its distribution network. By generating solar energy close to where it’s consumed, rather than forcing the need to send voltage from the nearest power plant, you’ll minimize energy loss.

How Can I Sign Up?

Utility credits for solar net monitoring differ from state to state. The best way to determine whether or not your home is eligible is to visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency.

Zenernet can walk you through the net metering process!

If you have questions about solar net metering or want to learn more about investing in renewable energy, Zenernet would love to assist you. Contact our team today or visit us online for additional resources and a complete list of our coverage areas.

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