Ways Solar Energy is Helping the U.S. Go Green

Ways Solar Energy is Helping the U.S. Go Green

With solar energy offering businesses and homeowners an affordable way to reduce their electric bill, going solar has become more popular than ever. Not only does it help you minimize your carbon footprint, many top solar energy companies are taking an active hand in helping the U.S. move closer toward becoming a green society.

Zenernet has been on the cutting edge of solar technology since the inception of affordable residential solar power. Below you’ll find some of the trends we’ve found that have been helping the U.S. closer towards going green.

Enhanced Solar Technology

One of the ways solar energy is helping the country in our push to become a green society is by encouraging investments in, and developments for, cutting-edge solar technology. Things like solar-powered vehicles and improved photovoltaic arrays make the continued investment in renewable energy more affordable for businesses and homeowners alike. Solar, coupled with other forms of renewable energy such as wind, geothermal and hydroelectric, are decreasing the planet’s reliance on natural resources and increasing energy independence.

Beneficial Environmental Effects

In addition to increasing energy independence and cutting back on natural resource consumption, top solar energy companies have also played a large role in reducing carbon emissions. According to advocacy group UCSUSA, approximately 29 percent of the emissions causing a change in our Earth’s atmosphere are due to energy emissions from fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. Any step towards reducing these will help protect our planet.

Improved Public Health

Many resources used for energy creation, like coal and gas-fired power plants, also have an adverse effect on public health. This is due to air and water pollution, which affects on our drinking water and agricultural lands. In more extreme cases, one can suffer serious health issues from exposure to the pollution caused by industrial energy consumption.

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